Breach Detection

Because you need to report a breach within 72 hours...

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What Is It?

A Breach Detection solution should form an essential part of your cyber security posture.

It provides your business with constant monitoring and detection capabilities, meaning that you can detect a breach and shut it down, quickly and effectively.

Why Do You Need It?

Most business leaders now nod knowingly when they hear the words “It’s not if, but when a business gets breached…” – but most businesses still have no capability to quickly identify or control a cyber attack.

If your business hasn’t already been breached (you may not know) – it will be; and when it is, spotting and controlling the attack may just save your business.

Breach Detection in Your Industry

Cyber security threats pose a risk to all financial services firms. You are entrusted with clients’ sensitive financial details - a particularly attractive target for cyber criminals.

We already knew of F-Secure's heritage; Softwerx helped us deploy the RDS very quickly and efficiently.
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Provider of Next-Generation Credit Card

There is a severe threat to your industry due to the sensitive data and significant monies you hold, as well as the business and commercial transactions you enable.

I think more than anything we've bought valuable peace of mind; we now know almost immediately if we are breached.
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Leading Regional Law Firm

Your industry has the fastest growing cyber threat levels. 86% of your attacks are targeted. Attackers are after a certain goal and chase it persistently.

We now have a 24/7, 30 minute SLA for Breach Detection - something we could never fund or manage ourselves.
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Global Provider of Refrigeration Solutions

Your business handles thousands of CVs and applications every day, you hold personal data all of your applicants. This makes your organisation a high value target for sophisticated cyber attacks.

Putting a Breach Detection capability in place was not only an important part of gaining Cyber Essentials - it's given the Board real peace of mind.
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Specialist Social Recruitment Agency

You hold personal data for hundreds and thousands of young people. You have a duty of care to them and your staff are high value targets.

We went from knowing very little about Breach Detection to a solution in place within weeks.
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Midlands Based Business College

You deal with lots of sensitive data, but achieving robust cyber security within a tight budget can be hard. If you are breached you need to know fast.

Now we know that if we are breached we will find out in time to act.
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International Wildlife Protection Charity

Your industry is highly-regulated and a serious breach could be difficult to recover from, you need to know fast if you are compromised.

Thanks to Softwerx we have a solution that’ll let us know if a breach happens before we lose too much.
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Leading Groundworks Contractor

Your data is central to your business, and often highly valuable and confidential. You need a solution that will let you know if you're breached, before your data can be stolen.

Regulations say we need to report a breach inside 72 hours, we can report any breaches inside an hour.
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Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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  • Breach - an incident in which data, devices or networks are accessed or affected in an unauthorised way or by unauthorised individuals.
  • Breach Detection - advanced software solutions and methods that alert you to an attack, allowing you to defend, respond and demonstrate compliance.
  • MDR - managed detection and response is an outsourced service that analyses millions of suspicious events in minutes and alerts you to the most serious – potentially thwarting an attack and closing the back door.
  • RDR - rapid detection and response is an MDR service with a rapid turnaround service level agreement.