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Because the new workplace has no physical boundaries...

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What Is It?

Internet or web security at its best is a comprehensive, borderless technology that enables the secure adoption and use of modern cloud computing systems and benefits.

Zscaler is the undisputed best.

Why Do You Need It?

Physical security for your physical network perimeter is largely irrelevant. Why? Because your physical network no longer exists as it used to – most of your servers, devices, applications and users now reside or operate in the Cloud.

You need to consider a different approach to secure and protect your business.

Internet Security in Your Industry

You are trusted with the most sensitive data your clients have – their financial details. You work in cloud based apps and you need good internet security.

Zscaler Private Access has literally changed the way we work as a business.
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London Based Venture Capital Firm

You are at significant and growing risk of cyber crime, cyber attacks and scams, partly due to the sensitive data and significant monies you hold.

Zscaler's web gateway has solved a big problem - thanks to Softwerx for getting it deployed so quickly.
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Global Law Firm

Patents, processes, QA results – your data is a significant part of your business. Cyber criminals know the value of your intellectual property, your industry has the fastest growing cyber threat levels.

The Softwerx technical team took a leading role in presenting the solution directly to the board - excellent support!
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Market Leader in Radiation Therapy

Your business handles hundreds of CVs and applications every day and you hold personal data for thousands of applicants. Your online portals and cloud apps need protection.

Great solution and a lot less painful deployment than we imagined.
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Cyber Security Recruitment Agency

You hold personal data for hundreds or thousands of young people. Staff and students are accessing websites, online portals and cloud apps - they need protection.

Can't speak highly enough of the Softwerx technical team.
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Leading UK University

You deal with lots of sensitive data, but achieving robust cyber security within a tight budget can be hard - you need to protect your users and your cloud apps.

There's no point locking the front door if the windows are open. The cloud was our window and Softwerx have secured it.
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Global Youth Charity

Your industry is competitive and generally operates against tight margins. It’s also highly regulated and a serious breach could be difficult to recover from.

With Zscaler our workforce are secure and a lot more productive.
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Asset Maintenance Company

You're operating principally in an often cloud based digital environment, so you're directly exposed to security risks that could significantly impact your business.

We'd moved to the cloud for speed and productivity but our security was behind.
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Disease Antibody Specialist

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  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) - a category of security solutions that defend against sophisticated malware or attacks targeting sensitive data.
  • Behavioral Analysis - monitoring the behavior of a file in an isolated environment, such as a sandbox, to protect users from unknown (zero-day) threats.
  • Fingerprinting - maps large data items to short text strings (bit streams), which become identifiable fingerprints of the original data, it's a scalable way to identify and track sensitive information as it moves across a network.