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What Is It?

Our Microsoft 365 Security solution is a multi-layered, comprehensive security service for your Microsoft 365 environment.

It’s delivered from our security operations centre (SOC), by qualified Softwerx security administrators and security analysts.

Why Do You Need It?

Millions of businesses around the world now use Microsoft 365, but not all understand the inherent security limitations associated with an out-of-the-box deployment. Understanding what you already have and what you may need, will help your business effectively manage security, privacy and regulatory compliance across your Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft 365 Security in Your Industry

You are trusted with the most sensitive data your clients have – their financial details. This makes your staff particularly attractive targets for phishing attacks.

Engaging with a subject matter expert [SWX], particularly around Microsoft licensing was one of our best decisions.
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Leading UK Financial Advisor

You are at significant and growing risk of cyber crime, cyber attacks and scams, partly due to the sensitive data and significant monies you hold.

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect was simply turning-on aspects of Microsoft security functionality that we had already paid for.
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Leading Offshore Law Firm

Patents, processes, QA results – your data is a significant part of your business. Cyber criminals know the value of your intellectual property, your industry has the fastest growing cyber threat levels.

Softwerx are most definitely subject matter experts in Microsoft Cloud Security.
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Supplier of Aerospace Metals

Your business handles hundreds of CVs and applications every day and you hold personal data for thousands of applicants. This makes your staff high value targets for phishing

Great learning curve for our own IT Team through the Softwerx knowledge-share approach.
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Technology Recruitment Experts

You hold personal data for hundreds or thousands of young people. You have a duty of care to them and your staff are high value targets for phishing attacks.

If you want to learn about your Microsoft environment - speak to them [Softwerx], we learnt more in a morning with them than we had in an entire year.
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Specialist Girls School

You deal with lots of sensitive data, but achieving robust cyber security within a tight budget can be hard, making the most of your Microsoft 365 security features is a great start.

We'd moved our applications to the cloud, but we needed to secure them. That's where Softwerx came into their own.
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Leading Research Charity

Your industry is competitive and generally operates against tight margins, it’s also highly-regulated and a serious breach could be difficult to recover from. You need to make the most out of your Microsoft 365 and Azure investments.

Softwerx helped us quickly and affordably secure our Microsoft Azure setup.
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Established Civil Engineering Company

You're operating principally in the digital environment so you're directly exposed to security risks that could significantly impact your business, ensuring your Microsoft 365 environment is set up properly will help protect you.

We didn't want the cost of employing a security administrator, Softwerx are a great alternative.
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Biopharmaceutical Specialist

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  • SOC - a centralised security operational centre, normally an organisational and technical hub for all aspects of IT security.
  • EM&S - Microsoft enterprise mobility and security is a comprehensive suite of security-based tools and technology to support the management and administration of devices in your organisation.
  • MSSP - managed security services provider, for example, Softwerx.