Security Awareness Training

Because your staff are your last line of defence to protect your business...

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What Is It?

Classroom based security training is expensive and ineffective.

Modern security awareness training solutions (SAT solutions) are automated, comprehensive and measurable. It’s easy; test your users phishability, train them, test them again, then report the difference.

Why Do You Need It?

Most cyber attacks still (successfully) rely on your employees, inadvertently opening or downloading malware to your network.

If that’s not reason enough to deploy a modern SAT solution, then consider whether your business should be compliant under Article 32 of the GDPR.

Security Awareness Training in Your Industry

You are trusted with the most sensitive data your clients have – their financial details. This makes your staff particularly attractive targets for phishing attacks.

Compared to other SAT solutions, it [Knowbe4] was just much more comprehensive and much easier to drive.
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State Owned European Bank

You are at significant and growing risk of cyber crime, cyber attacks and scams, partly due to the sensitive data and significant monies you hold.

One of the more surprising aspects that we didn't expect was the positive effect on employee morale.
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Award Winning Specialist Law Firm

Patents, processes, QA results – your data is a significant part of your business. Cyber criminals know the value of your intellectual property, your industry has the fastest growing cyber threat levels.

We went from a seemingly impossible and expensive task to every professional box ticked - almost overnight.
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Aviation Manufacturing Specialist

Your business handles hundreds of CVs and applications every day and you hold personal data for thousands of applicants. This makes your staff high value targets for phishing.

Our staff no longer automatically click on every single attachment without thinking first - it [KB4] has made a real difference for us.
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London Based Personnel Agency

You hold personal data for hundreds or thousands of young people. You have a duty of care to them and your staff are high value targets for phishing attacks.

We've resolved or at least improved a significant risk within the College.
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College in the South East

You deal with lots of sensitive data, but achieving robust cyber security within a tight budget can be hard, awareness training is one of the lowest investment, highest return ways to improve your cyber security.

The training was fantastic, we all learned a lot, and Softwerx were really helpful in the delivery.
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Leading UK Medical Charity

Your industry is competitive and generally operates against tight margins, it’s also highly-regulated and a serious breach could be difficult to recover from. Your staff need to know what not to click.

The training was great value and surprisingly easy to implement.
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International Construction Company

You're operating principally in the digital environment so you're directly exposed to security risks that could significantly impact your business, training your staff is one of the quickest ways to reduce your phishing risk.

We know we can relax now, IT is getting far fewer calls from concerned users and we’re secure.
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Generic Medicine Provider

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  • Phishing - sending emails pretending to be from reputable companies asking people to send personal or business information, such as passwords and credit card numbers or a hyperlink, which, if clicked would download a trojan horse virus.
  • Vishing - making phone calls pretending to be from reputable companies to induce people to give out personal or business information.
  • Smishing - sending text messages containing a hyperlink, which, if clicked would download a trojan horse virus to the phone.
  • Trojan Horse - a virus that creates a ‘back door’ or access point for cyber criminals to spy, steal data and access your system.