Vulnerability Management

Because you need to understand your attack surfaces and mitigate threats automatically...

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What Is It?

Understanding your attack surface enables you to resolve vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Vulnerability management solutions automatically analyse internal and external threats, give visibility of shadow IT systems and report critical risks.

Why Do You Need It?

A regular and automated vulnerability scanning management solution should form part of your basic cyber security housekeeping programme.

Five out of ten external websites that we scan, result in a high-level risk being exposed and subsequently resolved.

Vulnerability Management in Your Industry

A vulnerability management solution provides the identification and management of both internal and external threats to your organisation.

It's obviously difficult to know what you don't know; the vulnerability scan quickly highlighted our critical security holes.
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Pension Consulting & Admin Firm

The NCSC issued a severe threat to your industry with financial, political and ideological threats the primary motivators.

I'm very glad we stumbled across this - and I'm glad we found Softwerx.
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Intellectual Property Law Firm

Your industry is aggressively and persistently targeted by cyber criminals. Financial gain and industrial espionage are the primary motives.

Nice to deal with an IT Partner that is genuinely independent - and knowledgeable!
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Specialist Distributor of Batteries

You receive and retain personal data for thousands of applicants and hackers want that data. An attack would compromise your business relationships.

Much more comfortable now that we have Softwerx and F-Secure monitoring our systems.
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Industrial & Office Placement Specialists

Your business requires the processing of personal data for thousands of children and young adults. Determined hackers continually threaten your cyber security posture.

The really worrying thing is that we had probably had these vulnerabilities in our website for months, maybe even years.
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Alternative Provision Academy

You deal with lots of sensitive data, but achieving robust cyber security within a tight budget can be hard, vulnerability scanning helps you find out where the gaps are.

Vulnerabilities on our website were the last challenge before we got our Cyber Essentials.
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Charity Based Theatre

Your industry is competitive and generally operates against tight margins, it’s also highly-regulated and a serious breach could be difficult to recover from, so your website needs to be secure.

With regular scans it is Softwerx who tell us about any issues - not our customers!
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South East Based Building Contractor

You're operating principally in the digital environment so you're directly exposed to security risks that could significantly impact your business, you need to protect yourself from known vulnerabilities.

We've established our total attack surface, now we can protect it.
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Leader in Transformational Cancer Treatment

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  • PCI DSS - payment card industry data security standard; an information security standard for organisations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes, created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.
  • Attack Surface - The attack surface of a software environment is the sum of the different points (the “attack vectors”) where an unauthorised user (the "attacker") can try to enter data to or extract data from an environment.
  • Shadow IT - IT systems built and used within organisations without their knowledge or consent.