10 Reasons Why Breach Detection Should Part of Your Cyber Security

Security breach detection also known as a managed detection and response system is now common-place in most enterprise-level companies. According to independent analysts, the MDR market is growing exponentially.

The simple premise is that most organisations now accept they will be breached at some stage ? and the focus must be on identifying the breach as soon as possible.

  1. Most businesses now readily accept that it?s not if they will be breached, but when.
  2. Targeted attacks are far more sophisticated and do far more damage.
  3. A serious breach could prevent your business from operating and reputational damage is often irrevocable.
  4. The average time to detect a breach for most businesses is six months.
  5. The ICO requires you to process data securely and report breaches within 72 hours.
  6. Most business or cyber insurance policies insist upon a breach detection capability.
  7. Your customers (or your supply shain) may request you have a breach detection capability.
  8. Your own industry regulations may require you to have breach detection capability in place.
  9. For most business, the cost of implementing a comprehensive breach detection capability is far outweighed by the monetary risk.
  10. How do you know you haven?t already got a breach within your systems or network?
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