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Feeling bloated after Christmas? You?re not the only one. Five years ago, you may have visited Infosec (the annual Information Security) show and talked to one of around one hundred different cyber security vendors, each pushing their own ground-breaking product.

Fast-forward five years and there are well over a thousand different cyber security products to evaluate ? each offering a get secure quick fix ? and many now offering that holy grail solve-all solution called the single-pain-of-glass.

Has the cyber security market peaked? Maybe not, but it?s certainly suffering from ?product-bloat?. A few years ago, there was one or two next-gen endpoint security solutions (old-school name ? AV), today you can choose from a dozen, many offering (or attempting to offer) a range of associated and additional benefits. As a cyber security business with over twenty years? experience and a lot of deep technical knowledge, even we find the market-place confusing, noisy and in many cases even contradictory. So what chance do business from a different sector have?

With limited resources, a limited budget and increasing risk, not to mention increasing legislation around data governance – how can you cut through the noise and fog quickly to get an understanding and ideally a short-list?

Our advice ? take guidance from the independent authoritative bodies in your own jurisdiction like the NCSC and the ICO. Take a look at the Gartner of the world ? Magic Right Quadrant. Partner with an independent knowledgeable, qualified and experienced agency who can give you the support you need.

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