"We knew what was at stake and what we could lose if our backups were corrupted. Now we know we’ll be able to keep going whatever happens."
International Nature & Conservation Charity

The charity had heard of a similar business who had suffered a ransomware attack. Not only did it effect all their live systems – it encrypted and locked out their backups too.

They were concerned that the cost of their current backup system might turn out to be a waste of money, if it wouldn’t allow them to recover from an attack. They needed a better option.

After reviewing the charity’s requirements Softwerx recommended a complete managed business continuity service from Databarracks.

Whilst they are working on every aspect of their cyber security with the aim of never needing to use the service, they know that all they can do is minimise but never eliminate the risk. In that environment it is reassuring to have a last line of defence that will rescue their data if anything happens.

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