“To be blunt, we were conned. A sophisticated cyber crime which had a devastatingly simple result: we have lost money.” - Red Kite Community Housing

Red Kite Community Housing lost almost £1 million through email fraud when they were duped by a spear phishing attack. Spear Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to trick users into sharing compromising information or make fraudulent transactions.

This could have been avoided if they had the latest in email security protection standards known as DMARC...


Email authentication technologies SPF and DKIM were developed more than a decade ago to improve identity checks on email senders. Adoption of these technologies has steadily increased, but the problem of fraudulent and deceptive emails has not abated because it doesn’t share information between senders and receivers..

The goal of DMARC is to build a system where senders and receivers collaborate. It improves mail authentication practices of senders, and enables receivers to reject unauthenticated messages.

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