Our CEO David Smart attended the recent Microsoft Partner Summit in January 2020 and thanks to our commitment to Microsoft and our shared values, Softwerx signed the ‘Microsoft Partner Pledge’. This Pledge covers specific goals including practicing ethical AI, building digital skills, hiring diverse talent, running apprenticeships and promoting sustainability. In the space below we mention each of the Partner Pledge goals and then summarise the main actions Softwerx is taking in these areas.

Digital skills

We have a training programme in place to constantly augment our level of IT proficiency and our industry-recognised certifications by our technical consultants and engineers.


We have a number of graduate apprentices who are still working for our business many years after completing their IT apprenticeships with us. As of February 2020, we employed an apprentice in Digital Marketing and are planning to employ more apprentices later in the year.


We have recently employed a female colleague as a result of our inclusive recruitment process. We continue to engage with potential recruitment and apprenticeship agencies, in order to  promote diversity within our organisation.

Responsible and ethical AI

We run our own Security Operations Center and are working closely with top cyber security providers that ulitise AI technology to fight cyber crime in a responsible manner.


Our parent company Clearsprings Group is implementing a sustainability strategy that includes looking at greener vehicles and green energy suppliers. Some of our employees commute to work by bicycle or electric bicycle, and we’re looking to promote that further by joining the national ‘Cycle To Work’ scheme which promotes commuter cycling.


Softwerx is excited to be part of this initiative of Microsoft that we believe will make a profound impact in the years and decades to come. According to Microsoft, “If you work for one of the many UK-based Microsoft partner organisations, you likely not only share our technology vision and commitment to customers, but also our belief in the role technology can play in addressing broader societal challenges. Together, we can achieve amazing things. These shared values and priorities are integral to how we work and achieve success together.”

Indeed, Softwerx and Microsoft together – through these shared values – will continue making positive impacts in cloud security, the workplace and the wider community. We’ll shake on that.

Read more about the Microsoft Partner Pledge at https://partner.microsoft.com/en-gb/connect/local/uk-partner/partner-pledge


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