Managed Cyber Security Services

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What We Do

Our core business is making sure that your business remains productive and secure. We offer a broad portfolio of managed services designed to achieve this, from basic managed vulnerability scanning to a 24/7 breach detection service with a 30-minute service-level-agreement (SLA).

All managed services are delivered from our highly accredited and dedicated security operations centre (SOC).

Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your first and last line of defence. We can provide a dedicated management service to ensure that your employees protect themselves and your business.

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Breach Detection

There is a now a legal obligation to report a serious cyber security breach to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) within 72 hours of discovering it. We can provide a 24/7/365 breach detection service that alerts you to a serious breach within 30 minutes.

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Managed SIEM Service

Depending upon your industry, there is a high likelihood that you need to maintain and retain a record of your security information and event logs. We can offer a unified management service that achieves this professionally and cost-effectively.

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Business Continuity

Surviving a cyber security breach or a catastrophic IT failure is largely dependent upon being able to quickly restore your data. That is why our business continuity managed service uses enterprise grade software and physically replicates your data, storing it safely in nuclear military bunkers.

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Microsoft Office 365 Security

If you're using Microsoft Office 365 in the Cloud, you still need to ensure your Users are safe and secure. Our Microsoft Office 365 Security Managed service can help you secure your Microsoft Cloud environment.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Basic and regular vulnerability scanning is an essential first step to understanding and protecting your organisation's attack surface. We can help you achieve this quickly, comprehensively and cost-effectively.

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Infrastructure Support

Productive, efficient and reliable IT Systems are essential in modern businesses and uptime is vital. We can supplement, or completely manage your IT Support requirements.

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