Breach Detection

Because you're meant to inform the ICO of a breach within 72 hours but the average time to detect a breach for most businesses is six months... Get in touch

What Is It?

Softwerx offers a rapid detection and response (RDR) managed service based upon a 24/7/365 monitoring capability, with a 30-minute SLA (telephone call to your nominated person) for critical breaches.

Utilising real-time behavioural analytics and broad context detection technology our skilled security analysts can triage millions of suspicious events into single-figure real threats in minutes – and then alert you to the most serious.

The Softwerx RDR managed service is based upon the world-renowned F-Secure platform technology and delivered from the dedicated Softwerx security operations centre (SOC).

Why Do You Need It?

The primary driver for most organisations to implement some form of breach detection capability is normally for regulatory reasons, typically to comply with their own industry standards, or as a response to helping meet ICO directives.

A breach detection capability, often classed as an MDR (managed detect and response), is an integral part of a post-compromise cyber-defence strategy. Without some form of breach detection capability, you simply have no idea whether your business is being, or has been breached.

The best breach detection solutions are built on purposefully designed technology platforms, combined with expert and skilled resources.

If cyber security is not your core business, and you don’t have your own security team and security operations centre, the breach detection managed service from Softwerx could be the right solution to protect your business.

Advanced Threat Protection

Real-Time Behavioural Analysis

Broad Context Detection

Rapid Response: 30 Minute SLA

Our preferred partner is

F-Secure Logo

F-Secure rapid detection service helps prepare your organisation for advanced cyber-attacks.

Founded in 1988 as an IT Security firm, F-Secure has perhaps a greater heritage than any other cyber security company. Now a global business with over 1600 employees, F-Secure still leads the way with many of its security related solutions.

Softwerx partners with F-Secure at an elite level to offer a managed service around their breach detection solution - Rapid Detection and Response.

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We now have a peace of mind as to whether we've been breached - and if we are breached, we're going to know in minutes not months.


  • Breach detection - software and methods to let you know when your system has been hacked.
  • MDR - managed detection and response, an outsourced service providing an organisation with threat hunting services and responding to threats once they are discovered.