Business Continuity

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What Is It?

Softwerx partners with UK data restoration experts Databarracks to provide a managed business continuity service available 24/7.

Technologies used to backup and restore data are all enterprise grade, for example Asigra or Commvault, and data is stored physically in a nuclear military bunker – The Bunker.

The single thing that you need to know in a crisis is that your data is safe and that you can restore your business back to a known good state. The managed business continuity service from Softwerx gives you this peace of mind.

Why Do You Need It?

Twenty years ago, business continuity services, or more commonly disaster recovery services, where at their peak – principally due to the millennium bug – and before that to protect against some kind of natural disaster.

The most likely thing to grind your business to a halt today is a cyber security breach, and the likelihood is very high, much higher than your building flooding. For example, ransomware attacks are still commonplace but easily negated if you can restore your data quickly and efficiently.

Fully Managed, Friendly Service

Enterprise-Grade Software

Data Stored in Nuclear Military Bunker

Regular Restoration Tests

Our preferred partner is

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The no-compromise data backup service, for business continuity and total peace of mind.

The UK's specialist business continuity and IT disaster recovery provider, Databarracks has been providing the most secure and supported cloud services in the UK for more than ten years.

We have been working with Databarracks for more than five years, providing advice, consultancy and managed services around their core portfolio.

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Our client data is absolutely central to our business, in fact it is our business. Softwerx has recovered more than one difficult situation for us. We're very happy.


  • Full Backup - is a method of backup where all the files and folders selected for the backup will be backed up.
  • Incremental Backup - is one in which each backup of the data contains only the portion that has changed since the previous backup copy was made.
  • Snapshot - in IT terms, a snapshot is the state of a system at a particular point in time. The term was coined as an analogy from photography.