Vulnerability Management

Because you need to understand your whole attack surface and resolve your vulnerabilities - before they're exploited... Get in touch

What Is It?

Our comprehensive vulnerability scanning and management service allows for the management of business-critical vulnerabilities in a single solution.

It allows the identification and management of both internal and external threats, the reporting of risks and can ensure compliance with current and future regulations (e.g. PCI and GDPR). It gives you visibility into shadow IT and can map your full attack surface, ensuring a fast response and remediation of business-critical vulnerabilities associated with cyber threats.

Skilled Softwerx security analysts and security administrators will act as your outsourced or extended IT security team, utilising the F-Secure Radar platform to provide you with a complete and managed service. Select the number of internal or external scans you would like to run on a monthly or quarterly basis and leave the rest to us.

Why Do You Need It?

Rapidly changing, complex business IT environments lead to a broad attack surface. A new security vulnerability is identified every 36 minutes; on average it takes just 15 days for new vulnerability to be exploited.

Only constant scanning can help you find vulnerabilities before anyone else does. A good vulnerability management service will raise the bar against cyber-attacks and lower your security exposure (and costs) further downstream.

Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Automated Effective Scans

PCI DSS Compliance

Comprehensive Visibility

Our preferred partner is

F-Secure Logo

F-Secure Radar is a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform.

A pioneering cyber security company with an enviable heritage, Softwerx have worked with F-Secure for many years, promoting and using their market-leading vulnerability management platform; Radar.

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By scanning our website, Softwerx very quickly identified a number of security holes and fixed them, ensuring we could attain our cyberessentials accreditation.


  • PCI DSS - payment card industry data security standard - an information security standard for organisations that handle and manage payments via credit cards.
  • Attack Surface - is the complete sum of an organisation's security exposure to risk.
  • Shadow IT - typically relates to IT devices and systems that exist within organisations without explicit knowledge or consent.