Your data makes up a significant portion of your business: patents, processes - all demand robust protection...

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The Challenge for Manufacturing

It’s no secret that the manufacturing industry is one of the most targeted industries when it comes to cyber attacks. There can be a lot to lose.

In the previous century, a striking workforce may have been the biggest risk to productivity, today a simple ransomware attack has the potential to halt production indefinitely and cost millions.

Solving the Challenge for Manufacturing

Cyber criminals know the value of your intellectual property, your industry has the fastest growing phishing threat levels.

We went from a seemingly impossible and expensive task to every professional box ticked - almost overnight.
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Manufacturing for the Aviation Industry

Your industry has the fastest growing cyber threat levels. 86% of your attacks are targeted. Attackers are after a certain goal and chase it persistently.

We now have a 24/7, 30 minute SLA for Breach Detection - something we could never fund or manage ourselves.
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Provider of Refrigeration Solutions

The manufacturing industry is urged to respond to the growing number of targeted threats they face, specifically in the form of financial gain and industrial espionage.

Softwerx have been central to our decision-making; very knowledgeable, straightforward and practical advice.
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Producer of Lead & Lead Alloys

You also attract malicious acts from competing companies and nations engaged in corporate espionage.

With Softwerx and Databarraks we have a Continuity solution based on enterprise-grade software that works.
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Manufacturer of Hygiene Products

Because you need to understand your attack surfaces and mitigate threats automatically...

Nice to deal with an IT Partner that is genuinely independent - and knowledgeable!
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Specialist Distributor of Batteries

Internet security is a comprehensive, borderless technology that enables the secure adoption and use of modern cloud computing systems and benefits.

The Softwerx technical team took a leading role in presenting the solution directly to the Board - excellent support!
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Market Leader in Radiation Therapy

A good firewall will monitor traffic in both directions and work seamlessly with your other preventative security measures.

Very happy with the Fortinet firewalls - and happy that Softwerx are managing them for us.
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Lightweight Structure Specialist

The majority of cyber breaches are related, intentionally or inadvertently, to incoming or outgoing email, you need email security.

We learnt a lot in a short space of time. We didn’t need to learn more - Softwerx had it covered.
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Commercial Appliance Manufacturer

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