Specialist Sectors

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We work in most industry sectors and as a result, we’ve developed a certain focus and expertise around some of these sectors. We recognise that every industry is different, and we recognise that the issues faced by certain sectors vary.

Financial Services

You are responsible for highly sensitive and extremely valuable data. To ensure you maintain rigorous data protection standards you need a stringent cyber security solution.


You handle large quantities of sensitive data so good cyber security is vital to you - but time is a huge factor in your industry, so your security solution needs to be unobtrusive and run smoothly for end users.


You are part of the sector that ranks 3rd most likely to be attacked. You need the tools to protect your company whilst maintaining the speed and ease of access your staff need to achieve their KPIs.


You have multiple projects running across multiple sites, with contractors, project managers and staff all needing quick and easy access from multiple devices without compromising your data security.

Leisure & Hospitality

Your industry never switches off and you must always be connected. Any down time means immediately lost revenue. You need reliable security solutions.


You have a huge and complex network where admin staff, teachers and an ever-changing pool of students all need easy access to the right information, at the right time, without compromising on security.


Your data is the core of your business - to lose it would be catastrophic. You need the confidence that your greatest assets are protected from attack and fully backed up.


You have multiple, on the road staff members who need to be able to connect easily and quickly - and securely - to your databases.


You need to be more careful than ever in a post GDPR world to make sure that your data, and your customers' data is completely secure. You need a flexible, user-friendly security solution that provides complete logs.